About Us

Building Ecommerce ventures in emerging Markets BRANTU AB was founded by Fredrik Granström and Mohamed Rizk in August 2016 with the vision to build e-commerce ventures in emerging markets. BRANTU AB first venture is elprices.com brings information transparency and accessibility to the e-commerce in the middle eastern and north African market. It is a combination of a search engine and a marketplace offering comprehensive price & product comparison service, helping consumers discover, compare and buy products. Elprices.com team is 15 members, soft- launched in October 2017 and expected for a grand launch in June 2018.

The Team

Regardless of the task at hand, the people you work with make all the difference. We at Brantu believe that a highly skilled team of hackers, hipsters and hustlers is the difference between limping to the finish line and your own ticker tape parade.

Mohamed Rizk


Fredrik Granström


Carl-Henric Nillson


Alexander Jöndall

Board Member & Advisor

Rasmus Nerval

Board Member & Advisor

Robert Granström

Board Member & Advisor